How to Make Espresso at Home

Let’s be honest, espresso machines are expensive. Also, heading to the local coffee shop every day to order your favourite espresso can prove to be costly.

But what if I told you that you can make your own espresso at home, and without an expensive espresso machine? Well, you can, and in this easy step-by-step guide, I will tell you everything you need to know to make the perfect espresso at home.

Let’s get started.

What you will need

  • A Moka Pot
  • Ground Coffee
  • A Kettle (optional)
  • A Stove

What is a Moka Pot?

moka pot

A moka pot is a non-electric stove-top coffee maker, and it brews coffee by passing pressurized boiling water through ground coffee.  They aren’t expensive and I picked one up from a local store for $10.

Choosing the Best Ground Coffee

When choosing ground coffee, make sure to chose a blend that will work well with a moka pot. The ground coffee should not be too fine, and it should preferably be an espresso blend. When I headed to my local supermarket, I picked up espresso ground coffee specifically made to work best with a moka pot. See if you can get the same.

How to Make Espresso at Home

  1. Heat up the Stove-Top
    Put the stove-top on a medium-hot level. This might take some troubleshooting to get right, depending on your stove-top. Be careful not to put the stove-top to the maximum level as this will burn the coffee. Also, don’t put it on a low level, otherwise the brewing process won’t work.
  2. Boil Water in the Kettle
    This is an optional step, but you can boil fresh water in the kettle that we will pour into the moka pot. You don’t have to use hot water, but it will make the brewing process faster.
  3. Pour Water into the Moka Pot
    how to make espresso at home

    Pour water into the lower compartment of the moka pot, right up to below the release valve.
  4. Put Ground Coffee into the Basket
    how to make espresso at home

    Scoop ground coffee into the moka pot basket. Make sure it is level with the top of the basket, but DON’T tamp it into the base of the basket.
  5. Assemble the Moka Pot
    Put the basket back into the lower compartment, and screw it back into the upper compartment of the moka put. If you boiled the water, make sure to wrap a hand towel around your hand before touching the lower compartment as it will be very hot.
  6. Heat the Moka Pot Up
    Put the moka pot onto the stove top and keep the lid open so that you can keep an eye on the brewing process.
  7. Keep an Eye on the Brewing Process
    how to make espresso at home

    After a few minutes, you will see freshly brewed espresso being pushed through to the top of the moka pot into the upper compartment. If it is flowing out smoothly, congrats, the heat setting is perfect. If it is spitting out, then turn the heat down a little bit.
  8. Take the Moka Pot off the Stove-Top
    how to make espresso at home

    It is important to take the moka pot off the stove-top before the brewing process ends, otherwise the coffee will start to burn, which will affect the taste. The espresso will start to spit out vigorously right before the brewing process ends. This is a good time to close the lid and take the moka pot off the stove-top.
  9. Pour the Espresso
    All you have to do now is to pour the espresso into a cup and enjoy a freshly-brewed espresso at home!


As you can see, it is fairly easy to make your own espresso at home without using an expensive espresso machine. Have fun, an enjoy your favorite brew at home.