How to Clean a Coffee Maker

Cleaning your coffee maker regularly is a good idea because it will keep it germ-free and your coffee tasting great. But do you know how to clean a coffee maker?

If you don’t, fear not, it is very easy to clean and you don’t need to head to the store to buy any expensive cleaning products. You will more than likely find everything you need in your kitchen.

Let’s get started.

What you will need to Clean a Coffee Maker

As mentioned, you don’t need any special cleaning products to clean your coffee maker. Just make sure you have the following handy:

  • Hot Water
  • White Vinegar
  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • A Sponge
  • A Towel

Fun Fact: Vinegar is used to decalcify your coffee maker.

How to Clean a Coffee Maker in 10 Easy Steps

Step 1

Remove the carafe and filter and make sure that there are no coffee grounds left in the filter.

Step 2

Rinse the carafe thoroughly with hot soapy water.

Step 3

Rinse the filter with hot soapy water and use a sponge to remove any coffee grounds left in the filter.

Step 4

Make your cleaning solution by mixing equal parts of white vinegar and water to fill the carafe.

Step 5

Pour the cleaning solution into the carafe and let the coffee maker run through half a drip cycle.

Step 6

After the half drip cycle has finished, let the cleaning solution sit in the carafe for an hour.

Step 7

After leaving the cleaning solution for an hour, let the drip cycle finish.

Step 8

Pour the cleaning solution out of the carafe, and then fill it with fresh water.

Step 9

With the carafe filled with fresh clean water, let the coffee maker complete 2 full drip cycles.

Step 10

Finally, wipe down the exterior of your coffee maker and reassemble it.

Top Tip: Do you have a light spray bottle? It’s time to start cleaning the exterior of your coffee maker with that. I keep a spray bottle with water and lemon juice that I use to clean the coffee maker. Let me warn you that using any citrus products with a coffee maker is not recommended. Many of them are harsh and will eat through the glass. But, with water and lemon juice it’s an easy solution. Just spray a light coat on and give the whole coffee maker a good wipe down.

How often you should Clean your Coffee Maker

It is recommended that you clean the removable parts, like the carafe and filter, of your coffee maker after every use. The cleaning process described above should be done at least once every 3 months. Not only will this keep your coffee maker in good working condition, but it will also keep it germ-free. Ultimately ensuring that you enjoy your favourite brew at home in the healthiest way possible.

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Cleaning your coffee maker is very easy to do and you don’t need any expensive cleaning products. Make sure to clean all the removable parts after every use to make sure that your coffee maker stays in good working order. Not only will this keep your coffee maker germ-free, but it will also make your coffee taste better.