Coffee vs Espresso

When we talk about coffee vs espresso it is important to remember that they are both coffee, and when we compare these two drinks we are comparing normal drip coffee with espresso.

Since we’re already familiar with what coffee is, let’s take a look at what espresso is.

What is an Espresso?

Espresso is a type of coffee that is brewed by pushing hot water through ground coffee beans at high pressure. It has a very bold flavour and is thicker than normal drip coffee. A special coffee maker called an espresso machine, is required to prepare espresso. You can also make espresso at home using a moka pot. Dark roasted coffee beans are used to brew espresso because these beans can withstand the high pressure which is applied during the brewing process.

Types of Espresso Drinks

When you walk into a coffee shop you will see all kinds of coffee names that might at first not make sense to you. These are more than likely types of espresso drinks, each one prepared in a different way.

Coffee vs Espresso Caffeine

What’s important to remember is that espresso is presented and consumed in smaller amounts than normal coffee. We need to keep this in mind when trying to establish which drink has more caffeine.

A standard 30ml shot of espresso has 60mg of caffeine, whereas a standard 240ml cup of brewed coffee has 96mg of caffeine.

If both drinks were consumed in the same volume, then espresso would be the drink with the most caffeine.

Is Espresso Healthier than Coffee?

A coffee filter is not needed to make espresso, and it is therefore considered to be healthier. Without a coffee filter, natural oils and minerals from the coffee are preserved and transferred into the drink.

But take note, we are talking about espresso in its purest form. Espresso drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes contain additives like dairy and these additives can cause health problems when not consumed in moderation.

That doesn’t mean you should go ahead and consume large amounts of espresso. Remember that espresso contains caffeine, and consuming high amounts of caffeine is not good for you.

Is Espresso More Expensive than Coffee?

espresso machine

Yes, espresso is more expensive than coffee. But why is this?

As we’ve already established, espresso is brewed differently than normal drip coffee. Making an espresso takes more skill and more effort, and special equipment like espresso machines are required for the brewing process. So when you order your favourite espresso drink and ask for the bill, you will notice the difference in price compared to drip coffee.

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The biggest difference between espresso and coffee is the way each one is prepared. It takes a lot more skill and effort to prepare and espresso, whereas it is fairly easy to prepare drip coffee. Both these drinks have varying amounts of caffeine, with espresso generally having less caffeine per serving.